Best Pet Insurance: A Buyer’s Guide to Pet Insurance

When it comes to picking the best pet insurance for your particular animal companion you should heed these wise words: “the best pet insurance isn’t necessarily the cheapest pet insurance.”

Best Pet Insurance

At we provide pet insurance buyer’s guides, policy comparisons and tips and info on a wide range of dog and cat insurance products.

Best Pet Insurance: What We Do at

Our mission is to ensure every pet owner who visits this site fully understand the various elements of what goes toward choosing the best pet insurance policy for their particular pet. To that end we publish guides on buying specific dog breed insurance as well as help sheets on selecting pet insurance that boasts the most relevant and suitable policy elements depending on individual circumstances.

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Pet Insurance Best Practice For Buyers

A lot of the companies providing pet insurance cover operate limits by condition or category (e.g. cardiovascular) as well as by policy term.  The benefit levels can vary wildly between different pet insurance policies. You will read this a lot on this site but always read the fine print!

Different pet insurance companies calculate their premiums in different ways.  Some operate a flat rating structure, which could be as simple as one amount regardless of any factors even species.  Others, rate according to the risk and this is similar in concept to insuring a car.  The main rating factors for pets are species, breed, age and area in which the pet lives; however other factors may make a difference such as the purchase price and sex of the animal.

Pet insurance is recommended by virtually all veterinary surgeons and also by thousands of puppy and kitten breeders and all of the major rehoming charities.

As with all insurance cover, it is often not until it is needed that the value becomes apparent and of course, for pet insurance a condition existing prior to taking out the cover will generally never be covered.  This is why the earlier pets are insured, the more likely the benefit of cover will be seen over the pet’s lifetime.

Pet Insurance Limitations: Buyer Beware

It is becoming an increasingly common clause for pet insurance policies to limit cover for conditions to a specified time period – often twelve months.  However, by limiting cover in this way insurers are able to keep premiums significantly lower, making cover for the sudden unexpected veterinary fees affordable for a larger proportion of the pet owning population.  This has been shown to be the case by the big increase in uptake of insurance in recent years. It again bears repeating though; always read the fine print and gain a complete understanding of what your pet insurance policy does and does not cover.

Pet insurance is no fad.  Whilst the cost of veterinary treatment may not be as much as the value of someone’s car or house or home contents, the cost is very much unknown and therefore it could be argued that it is a harder risk to self insure against.  Also, as more and more legal claims are brought, having protection for any damage a dog  (or cat) does to a person or to someone’s property for which the owner is legally liable, is almost essential.

The Best Reason to Have Pet Insurance?

The costs of veterinary treatment are rising all the time as the science of veterinary medicine advances and it is common for courses of treatment to run into thousands of pounds.  Pet insurance companies pay out millions of pounds in claims each week so pet insurance is far from a gimmick or fad. Real life saving treatment is regularly provided through the benefits of having a pet insured.

Third party pet insurance cover is also becoming increasingly important as the concept of strict liability for owners has been enforced by the courts.  In these cases the potential cost of a single claim could run into tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Pet insurance is there to meet the potential cost of unexpected veterinary treatment to help make sure that an animal can receive the best possible care and to avoid the owner facing heart-breaking decisions.

So, if you’re ready to go and you’re happy that the best pet insurance isn’t always the cheapest, then please browse and find the best pet insurance policy for your particular pet.